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Enes Kutlay


Hi 👇

My name is Enes Kutlay, and I'm a Computer Science student at Ecole 42. I love learning new things, researching, and writing. I have been dealing with software as an amateur for about a year. At first, I focused on front-end development. Then I started learning C with Ecole42. Now I'm interested in blockchain, smart contracts, and cyber security besides C language. Here you can review the open-source projects I have developed and the blog posts on many different topics. These days, I'm particularly obsessed with these issues.

  • Vim
  • Cybersecurity fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Blockchain | Smart contract security
    • PoW algorithm
    • Key management
    • Identity and access management
  • Memory Management (in C)

It's complicated, but whatever. It's better that way when everything is messy, you need to work harder and be more disciplined, and I like it that way 🎉 If you want to visit my GitHub profile.